| Trump Train News Media Marketing Director 
| Website Developer & Editor 

Melanie is the Trump Train News Media Marketing Director and is the Developer and Editor for the website.

Melanie built the entire website from scratch and continues to make daily content updates and designs. 

Melanie has over 15 years of experience as a broadcast media professional and is a 1st place Associated Press Award Winner. 

Melanie is also the owner of DNAofChampions.com

Melanie's media background includes working for several years as a television sports anchor, reporter, producer, editor and photographer. She also worked several years as a professional TV sports reporter for various regional cable television shows and some of them aired nationally. 


| Washington DC Insider 
| Investigative Reporter

T is a Washington DC insider who has chosen to keep their identity a secret due to fears of retribution. 

T will be bring you undercover reports and insider information to EXPOSE the Washington DC  Swamp, the deep state and explain the real reasons why the mainstream media exhibits bias towards President Trump and Conservatives. 

| Investor 
| American Businessman
| Trump Train News Media Executive Producer 

JJ Flash is an Investor and a hard nosed Executive Producer for the Trump Train News Media the Home of Truth. 

JJ's father was the Assistant Attorney General of New York for 30 years and he has known President Trump for 38 years.

JJ is a successful businessman and is the CIO of  The True Channel - the #1 Hispanic | English Conservative Digital & TV Channel.

He is Chairman & CEO of a global financial investment and consulting firm, who led and closed a $95 million dollar fund raiser for a public company in 36 days.

JJ Flash is also the Executive Producer of Good News Networks - "All the News that's Fit for Views" which helps showcase positive leadership, reduce fake news, make digital advertising and marketing transparent and promote the America First agenda. 

JJ is a Managing Partner at MAGA Partners, the Managing Director of Global One News - over 3.7 MILLION Facebook followers with over a BILLION views on news stories and the Director of  a vCard company that secures portal and mobile websites with marketing capabilities.

​He is the Managing Member of a Wireless & WiFi company that provides high speed, secure and reliable wireless & internet access to under served territories in the Caribbean basin and around the globe.


​JJ Flash is the Founder and inventor of the world's 1st 28 day reusable anti-viral anti-bacterial FDA & EU approved respirator face masks. Co-Founder of  a US FDA approved respirator face masks as Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial

 JJ Flash sat down with American Thought Leaders at CPAC and explained his positive agenda for new technologies to disrupt the current mainstream media environment and take on the big social media players.

Global One News has developed innovative work processes and cutting edge technologies that have never before been brought together in a single modern global news agency.

No FAKE NEWS and we promote America First and Trump News.

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