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13 RINOS Who Voted For Massive Spending Bill Must Be Stripped Of Their Leadership | VIDEO

Here we go again, RINOs siding with far-left liberals and Nancy Pelosi, while passing a massive infrastructure bill. Everyone of those 13 RINOs need to be REMOVED from office.

This is a good lesson for every Patriot in America to not vote for someone just because they have "Republican" by their name.

Before you vote for someone, make sure you do your homework; research their backgrounds and see what they stand for, see what they have voted for in the past and what they actually believe.

As Americans, we need to remember politicians represent us and if they don't do a good job, we should hold them accountable and vote them out of office.

Here is Mark Meadows, who is the former Chief of Staff and Assistant to President Trump speaking with Steve Bannon on the War Room about how to vote these RINOs out.

Video via War Room