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BOMBSHELL: Trump WON Pennsylvania by 6-8% | Deep State's Big Lie EXPOSED

Updated: Jul 20

The Deep State's BIG LIE of dirty dog corruption is finally being exposed and there's NOTHING they can do to stop it.

Former baseball analyst Seth Keshel dropped a BOMBSHELL Monday morning on the War Room with Steve Bannon.

According to Seth, President Trump won Pennsylvania by 6-8% in 2020 and Republicans out-registered Democrats 21:1 from 2016 to 2020 during the Trump years.

Trump’s pro-America message resonated with working class Pennsylvanians and it was clear to anyone who was paying attention. The MAGA rallies were always packed with thousands of Trump supporters.

Keshel then pointed out that several counties significantly outperformed for Joe Biden. The trendlines pointed to a huge Trump win and the recorded results were completely unrealistic.

| Steve Bannon and Seth Keshel

| Video via War Room