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BOOM! Steve Bannon Drops Another Bomb, AZ Audit Results Out Next Week

Updated: Jul 17

Steve Bannon is never at a loss for insider information. Friday on the War Room, Bannon dropped a bombshell the Arizona audit numbers are holding up in this final hand recount taking place this week at the counting center. According to former Chief Strategist for President Trump, the results on the initial physical count should be out next week.

Steve Bannon: "By the way in Arizona, we understand that that delta between the hard ballots and recorded votes that is holding as they continue their, one more, physical machine count that should be out next week as we understand.

That is holding. We also understand that in Philadelphia that people sitting there and getting ready. They are getting ready to hit it and Shapiro already said they won’t do it. They’re going to come down with a rain of subpoenas."

| Steve Bannon

| Video via War Room

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