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BREAKING: GA Can't Produce Over 17K Election Ballot Images, Calls For DECERTIFICATION

"Decertify the 2020 election already. This is getting ridiculous," stated Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers; after all hell broke loose today in the state of Georgia.

VoterGA.org held a press conference showing Georgia counties can't produce over 17K ballot images required by law. This is more than the margin of error in Biden’s ‘win’ over President Trump.

The good news is, the devil that went down to Georgia to steal an election has been caught red handed.

According to the Georgia Record, all in-person ballot images are MISSING in Fulton County, Georgia.

VoterGA announced today that their ballot image analysis team determined 74 Georgia counties have been unable to produce all the original ballot images from the November 2020 Presidential election.

The team obtained admissions from 56 counties that most or all of the images created automatically by the Dominion voting system for results tabulation have been DESTORYED.

VoterGA volunteers made the determinations by submitting Open Records Requests (ORR) for the images to each count.

Ballot images are a critical aspect of election records that have long been required to be retained by federal and state law.

Federal law requires a 22-month retention period for election records while state law requires a 24-month retention period for election documents which are generally considered to include those that are electronic.

At least 28 counties admitted having no original images at all and 22 of those counties only had recount images that some claimed are the same as originals.

Recount images don’t have original time stamps that can be used for audit purposes nor do they have original meta data that shows how votes were initially interpreted. The images can also be changed by tampering between scans and are therefore, invalid to audit an election.

VoterGA received emails from another 28 counties admitting they do not have a complete set of original images.

Another 18 counties did not comply with repeated ORRs over a period of two months. Six of those counties claim to have mailed images that VoterGA team members have not yet received. These images may also be incomplete or recount images only.

VoterGA showed written confirmation from former State Election Director Chris Harvey granting permission to erase in-person ballot images from the memory cards.

“These violations are yet another glaring reason why Georgians can't trust the Secretary of State’s office,” said Garland Favorito, co-founder of VoterGA.
“We desperately need a multi-county audit of the 2020 election to resolve these serious problems before 2022.”

Other VoterGA findings:

  • 74 counties cannot produce original ballot images for Nov 2020 election

  • 48% destroyed ballot images or refused to comply in violation of election law

  • 22 counties only have recount ballot images

  • 6 counties had no images at all

If the 2020 Presidential election fraud isn't fixed, America will NEVER have a fair and honest election again.

FIX 2020!

Attorney Lin Wood had this to say about the VoterGA findings, 'When in the world are the citizens of the State of Georgia going to rise up and demand that the GA 2020 election by decertified???

The evidence is overwhelming. Only one conclusion can be drawn.

The November 2020 election in Georgia was illegal and fraudulent.

And you can take it to the bank (preferably a community bank) that the January 5, 2021 Senate runoff was equally illegal and fraudulent."

For the record, Fulton County, Georgia is a complete debacle and ground zero for corruption.

Don't forget about "suitcases" underneath the table.

According to TGP, the Fulton County elections officials used the “water main break” to say there was a delay in counting and they used that to send people home — except for the suitcase gang.

Then Ralph Jones, Sr., Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Ross went to work rolling out the hidden suitcases of ballots stashed under the table and hidden from view.

It was their actions that gave Joe Biden the spike in unexplained votes in Georgia.

It appears this was a well organized plan to lie to the public - including local news, to remove observers from the center and then to commit their hidden suitcase ballot fraud.

Video via OAN