Flynn's First Reaction to Charges Dropped by Justice Department

| Washington Examiner

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn's attorney revealed how her high profile client reacted to the Justice Department dropping its charges against the former national security adviser.

“We just gave each other a big hug,” Sidney Powell said when asked by radio host Mark Levin what Flynn's first words were upon hearing the news. The Justice Department moved to drop the criminal charges against Flynn on Thursday, and it is now up to the judge presiding over the case to decide whether to dismiss it.

Flynn pleaded guilty in 2017 to lying to the FBI about his conversations with a Russian diplomat before Trump entered the White House. Flynn cooperated with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election but took a more combative approach after replacing his legal team. His new team, led by Powell, aggressively fought the charges against Flynn, who declared his innocence in January and claimed he was set up by the FBI.

Levin said on Twitter that he hopes for accountability.

“DOJ drops case against Flynn!” he wrote. “Let’s hope the perps responsible for trying to destroy him are pursed.”

Levin also joined Sean Hannity’s Fox News program Thursday night and wondered what former President Barack Obama knew about the Flynn investigation.

“We’re supposed to believe that during the Obama administration, the FBI went rogue, the Department of Justice went rogue, the CIA went rogue, the DNI went rogue, the NSC went rogue … and Barack Obama didn’t know anything?” Levin asked.

“The fact of the matter is they have never been asked about the role they had, any knowledge they had. Those presidential briefing documents have never been made public. This is a massive cover-up of the greatest scandal in American history," he said.


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