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GA Corruption EXPOSED, GOP Cover-Up Of Major Fraud, WHISTLEBLOWER Naming Names | VIDEO

Attorney Lin Wood has some stern words to say about the blatant election fraud in Georgia. Plus, a WHISTLEBLOWER, who is an RNC-paid employee is naming names of the GOP RINOs that are covering-up massive election fraud.

Direct quote from Attorney Lin Wood, "The FRAUD in the Georgia 11/20 and 1/21 elections is undeniable and the proof of it is irrefutable.

Kemp, Raffensperger, Loeffler, Perdue, Shafer, Duncan. Carr, and many other RINO Republicans were ALL in on it. So was the National Republican Party, a RINO Republican organization.

The Democrats cheated. The RINO Republicans cheated. They form ONE party - The Party of the Politicians. They are ALL cheaters. They ALL committed TREASON against We The People.

How much longer will the Patriots in Georgia wait before rising up and demanding that 2020 be FIXED NOW???

Many people need to go to jail. Many of them are RINO Republicans. They conspired to steal our votes and an election.

Where is the righteous anger??? Where is the righteous ACTION??? Where are the Patriots???" - Lin Wood

The Stew Peters Show is broadcasting an EXPLOSIVE interview with a WHISTLEBLOWER, who is a RNC-paid employee and is blowing the lid of the GOP cover-up. The Whistleblower is naming names in the GOP of who has INTENTIONALLY BURIED blatant evidence of massive election fraud.

Video via Stew Peters Show