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MIND CONTROL: Operation Mockingbird Created by the CIA To Control Media

Have you ever noticed that the MSM always reports the same narrative? Here's why that happens, years ago the CIA started a top secret program called "Operation Mockingbird" that has been used for decades and is still being used in today's media, especially against President Trump.

Operation Mockingbird allows the Deep State to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes and for mind control. This has been going on for years and many Americans have no idea they are being manipulated through the CIA program "Operation Mockingbird". It's a slow process and through constant repetition, the CIA can make millions of Americans believe anything.

Attorney Lin Wood has this to say about Operation Mockingbird, "How many of you have researched John D. Rockefeller?

He was one busy dude with his fingers in many pies. Oil, newspapers, and the American Medical Association to name a few of the pies.

Check out Operation Mockingbird.

The purpose of propaganda is to brainwash you to believe what the publisher/proponent wants you to believe and accept as true.

A lie told a thousand times is still a lie.

But a propagandist knows that if you repeat a lie enough times, many will believe it is true.

Propaganda 101.

And man is it ever difficult to convince someone who has been brainwashed by propaganda that the truth is different from what they were brainwashed to believe!

It usually requires that the brainwashed individual see, feel, and/or experience the TRUTH for himself or herself.

Then and then only will they have a chance to wake up to know the TRUTH for themselves.

Many in our country still need to wake up." - Lin Wood

| Operation Mockingbird by TTNM's JJ Flash

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