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PEDOGATE: Second CNN Producer Named, Involved In SICK Pedophilia Scandal

Updated: Jan 10

PEDOGATE is crippling CNN, as the disgraced cable network's DIRTY SECRETS are being exposed in another pedophilia scandal.

Project Veritas is releasing the name of the latest CNN producer embroiled in a disturbing sex scandal, allegedly openly fantasizing to others about sex with young girls, as well as soliciting nude images of teenagers.

“After ensuring the family involved is safe, Project Veritas has made the decision to release the name, Rick Saleeby,” said James O’Keefe, the group’s head, noting in bold letters that “Saleeby is a producer on ‘The Lead with Jake Tapper.'"

James O’Keefe says he reached out to CNN multiple times for comment, but no one has responded to date. Project Veritas is EXPOSING CNN producer Rick Saleeby's sexual perversion towards little girls.

The Project Veritas' investigation released a sick and graphic whistleblower video that details Rick Saleeby fantasizing about his fiance’s young daughters.

Citizens Journal is reporting, CNN producer Rick Saleeby had been quoted by Project Veritas in a 2019 sex scandal involving another CNN producer, Steve Brusk.

Brusk reportedly resigned just weeks after being implicated by a network colleague of sexual misconduct, in leaked videos.

CNN has been hit recently by a series of sex scandals including one of its personalities, Jeff Toobin, exposing himself on a Zoom call, anchor Chris Cuomo fired for advising his brother during an investigation into sex harassment claims, anchor Don Lemon accused of sex harassment, and Cuomo’s producer John Griffin allegedly attempting to entice minors into unlawful sexual activity.

Recently Trump Train News Media reported that ex CNN producer John Griffin was arrested for child sex trafficking. Police in Henderson, Nevada, arrested 48-year-old Heather Carriker for flying a 9-year-old girl across the country so former Chris Cuomo ex CNN producer John Griffin, could allegedly sexually abuse the young girl while Carriker joined in.

Between June and July 2020, ex CNN producer John Griffin (pedophile), of Stamford, Connecticut, allegedly transferred $3,350 to Heather Carriker to fly with a 9-year-old child from Nevada to Boston.

According to court documents, after landing at Boston Logan International Airport in July 2020, Heather Carriker and the 9-year-old child were picked up by ex CNN producer John Griffin in his red Tesla and driven to his ski cabin in Ludlow, Vermont, more than 140 miles away.

'At the house, the 9-year-old-girl was directed to engage in, and did engage in, unlawful sexual activity,' federal prosecutors said in the news release reported VTDigger.com.

Heather Carriker (pictured in the mugshot) also allegedly said that she had brought along several sex toys and used them with ex CNN producer John Griffin, with the 9-year-old child also participating in the adult activities.

Henderson police stated that they launched an investigation into Heather Carriker last year, after a witness found text messages and photos on the woman's cellphone that raised concerns, reported Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The criminal investigation reportedly has uncovered that ex CNN producer John Griffin and Heather Carriker engaged in BDSM, and that the 9-year-old child was forced to take part in the sexual activity.

Heather Carriker was one of several women claiming to be the mother of a young daughter whom ex CNN producer John Griffin contacted on kink websites about training the girls in “sexual subservience.”

According to a police report, ex CNN producer John Griffin claimed "nothing happened between him and (the girl)". However, the 9-year-old girl told a police-affiliated social worker that she had taken part in explicit sexual activity at John Griffin’s Ludlow home with both Griffin and Heather Carriker, according to the police report.

Griffin was fired by CNN Monday and transferred to Vermont this week where is he awaiting arraignment.

According to the NY Post, retired FBI Special Agent Arnold Bell, who spent 12 years running a violent crimes bureau in Los Angeles that involved busting child porn rings, said that “predators” who get close to kids or even pose as their parents to engage them in sexual activity or swap and sell them out to others is “not at all uncommon.”

Bell said his team often monitored chat rooms and websites like alt.com, the BDSM site Griffin allegedly used to contact women with kids.

“These people are monsters and the worst people in the world,” said Bell. “A lot of them like to swap their kids as well. Usually we get male suspects but there are women as well.”

The DailyMail is reporting, The federal indictment alleged that Griffin once bragged about how he 'sexually trained girls as young as 7 years old' and recommended a mother's 14-year-old daughter, after describing how she 'would be a good candidate for such training.'

He allegedly offered virtual training, where he 'planned to instruct the 14-year-old and her mother to remove their clothing and touch each other' on webcam. He also told them about how in-person sessions would include 'spanking' and 'c**k worship.'

According to the indictment, Griffin also 'attempted to entice two other children over the internet to engage in sexual activity'.

In another unrelated encounter in June 2020, Griffin 'proposed to a purported mother of a 16-year-old daughter that she take a 'little mother-daughter trip' to Griffin's Ludlow ski house for sexual training involving the child.'