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PEDOGATE: Why Is CNN Silent On Allegations Of Child Sex Crimes At Network? | VIDEO

The Deep State would like for you to believe that child sex trafficking is a "conspiracy theory" and no one in the U.S. government, Hollywood or in the mainstream media is involved. As usual, you are being LIED to. The TRUTH is - child sex trafficking is the pandemic and two CNN television producers are allegedly involved in this horrendous crime.

CNN claims it's the "most trusted named in news", however the disgraced network is completely silent when it comes to reporting about two of their producers being busted for child sex crimes.

TGP is reporting, Rick Saleeby resigned from CNN in December after Project Veritas published explicit texts and recordings in which he fanaticized about the sexual abuse of underage girls.

Saleeby was also caught allegedly procuring nude photos of one of his victims.

Police have confirmed they’re investigating “serious allegations involving potential juvenile victims.”

The Saleeby allegations came to light just one week after fellow disgraced CNN employee Chris Cuomo’s producer, John Griffin, was fired after being arrested on December 10 for several felony sex crimes against children.

Almost a month after both incidents, the network has provided no comment regarding the two pedo producers and the coverage of either individual has been nonexistent. Since nobody at CNN wants to talk, Project Veritas decided to track down some of their most notable faces to ask them about Saleeby directly and get their comments on the record.

PV Journalists James Lalino and R.C. Maxwell confronted CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, and even Jake Tapper – who anchors the show that Saleeby produced – each individually on the street in Washington DC on Friday night.

Unsurprisingly, they all ran away with their tails tucked, muttering “no comment.”

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