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Searching For TRUTH During America's Unprecedented Times

America is currently in unprecedented times. We are living in a time where TRUTH is being revealed about the darkest evil known on the planet.

The Deep State, several foreign governments, including the CCP are extremely corrupt and have billions of dollars at stake and they all hate President Trump.

Their hatred is seething because President Trump puts America FIRST, while the lazy, two faced, fat cats in the D.C. Swamp sit back and agonize over the thoughts that Donald J. Trump won the 2020 Presidential election by a landslide and the state audits will soon overturn the results. The Deep State has been caught red handed in their fraud and there's nothing they can do to stop what is coming.

What is coming is Biblical and God always WINS.

During these unprecedented times make sure you use discernment, especially when it comes to the mainstream media trying to convey to you messages about current events. Just remember the MSM has been lying to for years and they will NOT stop. Don't be fooled!

One of the most memorable moments during the Deep State's fraud is when the modern day "Judas" also known as VP Mike Pence, certified the fraudulent results of the 2020 Presidential election. Mike Pence claims to be a Christian.

However, what did Pence's ACTIONS say on January 7th?

Don't pay attention to what these modern day "Judas" characters tell you, go by their actions.

According to Attorney Lin Wood's whistleblower, former VP Mike Pence has a history of sexual relations with UNDERAGE BOYS. Was this information used against former VP Mike Pence as blackmail, so he would certify the fraudulent results of the 2020 Presidential election? Do your own research and connect the dots.

Attorney Lin Wood's whistleblower is shinning a light on the Deep State's blackmail scheme of PEDOPHILIA that is used to control politicians and judges. Here is the FULL transcript. On the LEFT of the whistleblower document displays each page and there are 191 pages in the whistleblower transcript. Read about VP Mike Pence, Joe Biden, the Dirty Trick Squad, the pedophile judge Emmet Sullivan and much more.

WARNING: Graphic Content

Here's what Attorney Lin Wood has to say about searching for TRUTH, "Let’s talk about TRUTH.

We ALL should search for TRUTH and after a diligent search, form our own beliefs as to what is TRUE and what is FALSE.

Blindly accepting another’s TRUTH is fraught with peril.

We should do our own research and connect the dots for ourselves.

I pray for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. God answers every prayer of one of His Children. There is no void. His answers are delivered on His timing. So we must trust God.

As a matter of faith, I trust God because I believe that God is real and that EVERY word in the Bible is true.

We walk by faith and not by sight.

Our battles in the past, the present, and the future are not against flesh and blood. We battle powers and principalities. Good v. evil. God v. the devil.

That truth helps me understand our country’s present situation and the battles that we ALL fight every day.

That truth also provides me peace of mind because I know the outcome. God has already won. He won at Calvary.

We are on the victory side."

| Lin Wood and his Whistleblower who explains the Deep State's BLACKMAIL SCHEME