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SHOCKING: Sidney Powell Exposes the Dark and Well Organized Corruption in 2020 Presidential Election

Updated: Sep 27

If millions of Americans really knew how CORRUPT the D.C. SWAMP really is - they would be HORRIFIED! Attorney Sidney Powell reveals how DARK and well organized the CORRUPTION in the 2020 Presidential election really is and how BOTH sides (DNC & GOP) are involved.

| Are TRILLIONS of dollars at stake?

| What really happened to GA Gov Kemp's daughter's boyfriend?

| What happened to the GBI Agent that was investigating in GA?

| What EVIDENCE do they have?

| Will Sidney Powell and her legal team be able to ask Eric Coomer — the security director at the Colorado-based Dominion Voting Systems — questions in a deposition on September 23rd?

| Are paper ballots and voter ID the solutions?

| So many questions and ANSWERS given in this EXPLOSIVE interview. | Video via Truth and Liberty Coalition