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SHOCKING Truths: McAfee Telegram Dropping BOMBS on Pizzagate, BLACKMAIL Scheme Used by Deep State

Updated: Sep 30

In recent years there have been reports published about Pizzagate, child sex trafficking inside the U.S. government and a BLACKMAIL scheme used by the Deep State to control politicians, judges and Hollywood.

All published reports about those topics were deemed by the MSM (bought and paid for by the Deep State and CCP) as "conspiracy theories".

The Official McAfee Telegram page is dropping some big time BOMBS packed with never seen before classified documents, filled with DIRT about the Deep State! You may be shocked at what you find out!

Some of the classified documents dropped are about fundraising, HRC private emails, Clinton BLACKMAIL, Joe Biden prison doc, Kissinger on HRC, Perkins Coie and Mark Elias memo, HRC private travel, HRC pay to play, HRC Sec. of State laptop and so much more! The link to the explosive information is below.

CLICK HERE | Official McAfee Telegram

Attorney Lin Wood has also dropped bombs about child sex trafficking within the U.S. government.

Lin Wood's whistleblower states in his testimony that former V.P. Mike Pence has had sexual relations with underage boys and there was a "Dirty Trick Squad" used by RINOs in the GOP. Below is the 191 page document suggesting that the Deep State has a BLACKMAIL scheme using pedophilia.


EXPLOSIVE Informative Videos: The videos located below contain Attorney Lin Wood discussing child sex trafficking within the U.S. government and testimony from the WHISLEBLOWER.

The videos contain some of the MOST INFORMATIVE information you'll ever hear.