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They've Been Caught! Georgia Audit Could Reveal Counties WORSE Than Fulton

Updated: Jul 20

The fraud that was committed during the 2020 Presidential election is on a scale that most Americans will be SHOCKED to learn.

The fraud was committed by the Deep State and foreign countries that have billions of dollars at stake. That's why the cabal doesn't like President Trump because he is putting America FIRST and that doesn't sit well with the corrupt fat cats in the D.C. Swamp, several foreign countries and especially with the CCP. The corruption runs so deep on both sides of the aisle that it was nearly impossible for President Trump to find good people to trust in his administration.

However, the table has turned and the Deep State's BIG LIE is being revealed. Make no mistake, they've been caught and there's nothing the Deep State can do to stop it!

One of the states where the corruption runs really deep is Georgia. Just look at so-called Republicans - Governor Brian Kemp, Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

On numerous occasions, Attorney Lin Wood has ripped the Georgia RINOs with TRUTH and exposed their corruption. Lin Wood has stirred the pot so bad the Deep State has pulled every trick in the book to take him down. The good news, Attorney Lin Wood is still standing and doing better than ever. Just goes to show that GOOD ALWAYS WINS.

Attorney Lin Wood is never at a loss for words when it comes to the Georgia officials that allowed fraud to occur during the 2020 Presidential election and then tried to cover it up. Attorney Lin Wood says, "the State of Georgia’s continued failures have gone on long enough with no accountability.

GA Governor Brian “CCP” Kemp, GA Lt. Gov. Geoffrey “Mr. Globalist” Duncan, GA Sec. of State Brad “Jordy” Raffensperger, and GA AG Chris “I Don’t Care” Carr must resign and be removed from Georgia’s elections leadership immediately. Georgia voters and ALL the people of Georgia deserve better.

And while we are cleaning house and shaking things up in Georgia, would someone please fire Jordy Fuchs and Gabriel Sterling?

Brad “Jordy” Raffensperger could fire them and then resign.

But Ol’ Brad is too busy talking the talk to try to cover his own rear end. He does not walk the walk for real accountability and honest elections in Georgia.

Brad would look great in an “orange” jumpsuit with “orange” pants.

He looks better in a mask too. It shows his true colors."

Lin Wood also says, "In my opinion, any individual knowingly involved in election fraud is guilty of treason.

In my opinion, any elected official who says we must “move on” to 2022 or 2024 without investigating and fixing 2020 is complicit in the crime of treason.

A rigged election is an act intended to overthrow our government.

Many thousands of elected and election officials in our country are guilty of treason.

It is time to put to charge them with the crimes they committed and hold them FULLY accountable."

Now in a press release, “VoterGA announced it has evidence election result discrepancies in other Georgia counties may be WORSE than those it presented for Fulton County.”

VoterGA explained how a review of newly released public documents led them to amend the Fulton complaint to add counts for these audit discrepancies:

• A 60% error rate in the 1500+ batch totals for the reported audit results

• Seven falsified tally sheets containing 850 votes for Joe Biden but 0 for Donald Trump and Jo Jorgenson

• Over 4,000 ballots that were duplicated in reporting of the audit results

• Three days of missing drop box chain of custody forms for over 5,000 ballots

• Missing tally sheets for over 50,000 ballots that were not uploaded until months after the audit results were initially published

According to VoterGA, a full statewide audit of November, 2020 and January, 2021 election results should validate voter eligibility. It must also include forensic authenticity, security assessments, and accuracy verification involving:

• Physical ballots

• Scanner/Tabulators

• Election server image

The non-partisan, grassroots organization is calling for a full statewide audit of the 11/2020 and 1/2021 election results, including validation of voter eligibility, forensic authentication, a cyber security review, and accuracy verification of the physical ballots, scanners/tabulators, and election server images.

“VoterGA further insisted that any such Georgia audit must be conducted by a truly independent team that has no relationship with any Georgia officials who conducted the elections.

VoterGA flatly rejected the suggestion by House Speaker David Ralston to engage the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), stating the GBI:

• Has little or no experience in forensic elections investigations

• Was already engaged with the Secretary of State in voter investigations

• Produces dubious findings in investigations involving government officials”

Attorney Lin Wood has some words to say about having the GBI involved in the Georgia audit, "the head of the GBI is Vic Reynolds who was hand picked by GA Governor Brian “CCP” Kemp.

No surprise that GA Speaker of the House David Ralston would seek to have the election fraud investigated by the GBI. I wonder if Governor Kemp has information of serious wrongdoing by David Ralston which gives Kemp leverage over Ralston?

Who knows? Only those who investigate in a legitimate search for the TRUTH.

I would focus on a young man whose story about what Ralston did to him was conveyed to Kemp in hopes that action would be taken by GA authorities. Interestingly, Kemp did nothing except perhaps use the information to control Ralston.

But what do I know? I am just a “conspiracy theorist.”

Attorney Lin Wood went on to state, "do you want honest or dishonest elections?

Do you want to vote a candidate into office or have a computer rigged to make the choice for you?

The answers are obvious unless you are in a group benefitting from a dishonest election or a rigged computer voting system. If there is fraud in the computer voting system, your act of voting is meaningless.

There must be full forensic audits of the 2020 election in each state to determine if the computer voting systems need to go in the trash heap.

I firmly believe the trash heap is where they belong because they are trash. Trash begats trash.

We must return to paper ballots to insure election integrity."

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