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Trump to speak at “Protect Our Elections” Rally, Meanwhile Biden's Audience At Townhall is a JOKE

Updated: Jul 23

There nothing like being at a Trump rally because the energy is always so high and thousands of Patriots are there who are proud to say that love America.

This Saturday, on June 24th, President Donald J. Trump will be there to headline the “Protect Our Elections” rally.


Arizona Federal Theatre

(400 W Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85003)


9 AM – 5 PM

| General Admission Tickets: CLICK HERE

| Request Media Credentials: CLICK HERE

Make sure you join the fun and join President Trump and thousands of Patriots at the "Protect Our Elections" rally.

Statement from President Donald J. Trump "I am looking forward to speaking at Turning Point Action on Saturday afternoon, in the Great State of Arizona, at the Arizona Federal Theatre.

We will be broadcasting at approximately 6:00PM EST. Big crowd, see you there."

Meanwhile, Joey "Bribes" Biden could NOT even fill up a room at a townhall this week. FAKE NEWS CNN moved all of its audience to the first few rows to give the impression it's a packed house.

Here’s what Biden’s recent Town Hall looked like from the back of the room.

Biden is a JOKE! The Deep State and the MSM want you to believe millions of people voted for Biden and got more votes Trump.

The TRUTH is President Trump WON in a landside and the first dominos to fall will be Georgia and Arizona. Keep you eyes on the state audits.