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WAR: Trump Has Deep State Panicking With Arizona and Georgia State Audits

We are living in unprecedented times. This is a war of good vs evil. This battle isn't be fought with guns, instead this is a cyber warfare. Plus, the deep state is going after people's minds without firing a shot and they are doing that by manipulating the media to control the narrative. Even though the deep state controls the MSM, millions of Americas are fully awake and see through the smokescreen.

With the 2020 Presidential election stolen from Donald Trump through cyber warfare, Patriots are proving the crime took place through states audits and this has the deep state PANICKING. Look for Arizona and Georgia to be the first dominos to fall.

Attorney Lin Wood is known for not mincing words and for speaking TRUTH.

Here's what Lin Wood has to say about the fraudulent 2020 Presidential election, "can you even begin to calculate the number of our fellow American citizens who participated in a scheme to deny We The People our right to an honest vote to elect our President and other federal, state, and local officials?

Such actions are treasonous. The number of traitors is staggering. Do these people really believe they will ALL escape accountability for their wrongdoing?

If they believe that God is real, how do they sleep at night? Or are they Godless?

In the days to come, many people need to search their souls in order to step forward with TRUTH in hopes of saving their souls.

Every lie will be revealed."

Steve Bannon on War Room explains exactly what is happening with the state audits.

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