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"You Can Shove The Vaccine Mandates Up Your ASS", Protests Erupt All Over | VIDEO

If there's anyone left who still watches the MSM, have you noticed they are staying silent on the massive and worldwide protests about the vaccine mandates? The mainstream media's silence is deafening and it's because the MSM is owed by the Deep State and it's a controlled narrative known as Operation Mockingbird. New restrictions for people who refuse to be vaccinated and the increasing mandates to be inoculated are sending millions of protesters to the streets in Australia, New York, Europe and in other countries.

VIENNA — Chanting “freedom” and “resistance,” thousands of Austrians marched through the heart of Vienna, united in their anger at their government’s decision to impose a new lockdown and a sweeping nationwide vaccine mandate. The protests were largely peaceful throughout Australia and some took to the microphone to tell everyone how they felt by singing "you can shove the vaccine mandates up your ass".

TGP is reporting, the Worldwide Rally For Freedom returned to New York City this weekend, drawing thousands of fed-up New Yorkers to the streets to stand up for their freedom and protest tyrannical ‘public health’ mandates.

The massive demonstration mirrored other worldwide freedom rally events that also took place this weekend in dozens of countries, including Australia, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, and several others.

According to Kevin Peters – one of the group’s New York organizers – the protest is the culmination of a broader coalition coming together like never seen before – city workers, firefighters, sanitation workers, teachers, cops, healthcare workers, liberty groups, medical freedom activists, parents, and everyday New Yorkers – all standing together. “One Day. Everyone Together. We Will All Be There.” is the slogan the organization has adopted.

Thanks to the restrictions, restaurants in the city are reporting that business is down a whopping 40-60%… But New Yorkers won’t back down without a fight.